A new year

2017 was a complete blast and learning lesson for me. I started the year losing my muggle job of over 14 years and gave away almost all of my things and left my life in Madison behind as I embarked on a great adventure in Berlin Germany.

Back in 2014 I went to Germany so I could see my favorite Berlin based band BlutEngelIMG_5995play their 15 yr anniversary party in Leipzig oder 15 Jahre BlutEngel The Jubilee Concert. Yes I have my tickets from that event framed and on my wall. While I was staying in Berlin I decided to take a belly dance class. I met this beautiful woman named Coco and was completely in awe of her method and training style. This was how I was introduced to the Essence Of Belly Dance Teacher Training Certification in Berlin. I always wanted to do this but because it would take the whole summer I thought that I would never get the chance, but I did.

May 30th 2017 I left the USA with two suitcases and my cat Peepins.

I was finally going to be able to get to study with Coco and start my teacher training. It was such a wonderful experience. I met some really beautiful talented women and we all shared the same enthusiasm for dance. For 3 months we all trained hard and practiced a lot and in the end it was so worth it.

I ended up coming back to the USA full of excitement and ready to train more people in this wonderful style and method In September I completed my exam and received my certification.IMG_5996

All the hard work paid off and by far I am not done training nor teaching or just getting started.

2018 will be an adventure as well as I will be continuing my dance lessons monthly as well as traveling to study with Ashley Lopez, Zoe Jakes, And Rachel Brice in the first 6 months. Later on towards the end of the year I want to start my own Cabaret Night here in Madison. So Happy New Year and lets get this shimmy train going.

New photos

A few weeks ago a photographer friend of mine decided to get together with me and do a photo shoot in the back yard at another friends house, the results were

I did a few poses with the headdress that I hand made

as well as pulling out my fire sword and getting a few shots with that as well.

Thank you to John Sable at Sable Parks Photography for the wonderful photos, and to the one and only beautiful Dragonfly for letting me use her backyard.

Blessed Samhain

Halloween is my favorite time of year.


I remember growing up and running around at night time trick-or-treating, enjoying scary stories, and seeing all the wonderfully creative costumes. But I never really fully understood its origins. I only understood what it was to me at the time…candy!!

However now I am much older and while I still do enjoy candy, scary stories and dressing up, Halloween is no longer Halloween to me, I refer to it as Samhain. Its a time for me to reflect on the past year and set an intention for the year to come. Its a time for me to think about my loved ones who are no longer with me and light candles remembrance. It is the time of The Witch’s New Year.  Blessed Be


Vampire’s Ball

Words cannot express how good it felt to get back on the stage again in front of a huge audience and perform in front of such an amazing crowd. Everything was perfect. Seeing one of my besties also made my night as I also had the honor of sharing the stage with the beautiful Sally Marvel.

IMG_4141 (2)

The first act I did was a fusion piece and I was really happy with how it turned out as well as the really cool head dress I made.

My second performance is something that I am so proud of. Now years ago I could not even balance a regular dance sword, now here I am years later lighting one on fire and balancing it on my head. Not an easy task at all, and I strongly suggest not trying this at home unless you have practiced a lot with a regular sword and have had experience dancing with fire. This is dangerous, but wow is it beautiful.

However I did learn a good lesson, next time I will make sure that they keep a highlight light on me as the video and pictures are a little bit dark. But other than that it was a perfect night and I even got to meet some Vampires and Celebrities!!!

It’s only Monday and I am so ready for the weekend. This last one was really wonderful and inspiring, but I am also really excited for this weekend.

The time has come for our annual Vampire Ball and I could not be more happier to once again be apart of such an amazing event.


Along with some of Madison’s best DJ’s, it is my absolute pleasure to once again share the stage with the talented Sally Marvel.


On this night we will be bringing our best to the stage and I’m so excited to show what I have in store for you. I also want you to be on the lookout because around the venues will be my postcards that I had made especially for this event


Hope to see you all there. Cheers

November Dance Lessons

Next month I will be starting my dance lessons at Euphoria Movement Arts Studio

Nov 12th 12:30-2:00pm ($15)

Power up Belly Dance.
Last year I took a course at Dragonfly studios to become a certified power up yoga instructor, combining this idea with Basic Belly dance I created a wonderful yoga flow that teaches you basic yoga and basic belly dance moves. Its a wonderful combination that centers yourself and allows you to explore new ways to move your body in a comfortable atmosphere. This is open to all levels of dance and or yoga.


Nov 19th 12:30-2:00pm ($15)

Beginner Belly Dance
This class will focus on basic as well as intermediate belly dance moves that I learned while I studied at the Essence of Belly Dance in Berlin Germany. We will break down moves and towards the end of class put them together in a wonderful combo.

Save and take both classes for $20

more information

Overcoming a fear

Growing up I have always been afraid of snakes. No matter how big or how little they have always creeped me out. I remember when I was little I used to sleep with a huge stuffed parrot because I believed that big parrots ate snakes, so I didn’t have to worry about being eaten by one while I was sleeping. (Yes I really believed this). However you would catch down in the basement playing with spiders, and still to this day I have no issues with Spiders at all. Its interesting to me that I find that most people who are afraid of snakes are not of spiders, and those who are afraid of spiders are not of snakes.

Anyhow a few years ago at Models Monsters and Motorcars I met a photographer named Bill Hewitt and this great big snake Lucifer (Lucy). I sat there staring at the snake and said to myself “You a12196054_1655583438044453_1741157918137231931_nre going to regret not taking this chance” I had to push myself, I wanted to see if I could pull off a photo shoot with something I was afraid of. And it worked wonderfully. The photo with me and the purple bangs is the first time I shot with Lucifer (Lucy). The one with all black hair and her close to my face is a recent shoot I did with Bill at MMM8. You can see how much I have warmed up to this cold blooded friend. I say friend now because they really are wonderful beings and I’m so glad that I was able to overcome my fears and do this photo shoot. Until next time my friend.