Lilly Violet is a Madison based belly dancer, yoga practitioner, and alternative model.

Belly Dancing

She started with a Sunday dance troupe, which later became known as Aylin Belly Dance ( created and owned by the talented Ayperi Genneyya). She then joined up with Peach Pies Caburlesque performing solo shows throughout Wisconsin, and Illinois. In 2016 she completed Zoe Jakes Dancecraft Key of Diamonds dance intensive. In 2017 she moved to Berlin, Germany for the summer where she successfully completed Coco Berlin’s Essence of Belly Dance teacher training. Coming back to the USA she is bringing with her the knowledge and love of this beautiful dance form.


She started taking yoga lessons at MATC and quickly adapted to this morning ritual of waking up her body. It taught her to focus and accept herself. Over the years she has learned different yoga routines from dancer and yoga instructors. In 2016 she took a Power Up yoga course at Dragonfly Hot yoga. Together with this style of yoga she was inspired to take out the weights from it and use the idea to infuse with her belly dancing and created a wonderful flow class that focuses on the basics of both yoga and belly dance.