A new year

2017 was a complete blast and learning lesson for me. I started the year losing my muggle job of over 14 years and gave away almost all of my things and left my life in Madison behind as I embarked on a great adventure in Berlin Germany.

Back in 2014 I went to Germany so I could see my favorite Berlin based band BlutEngelIMG_5995play their 15 yr anniversary party in Leipzig oder 15 Jahre BlutEngel The Jubilee Concert. Yes I have my tickets from that event framed and on my wall. While I was staying in Berlin I decided to take a belly dance class. I met this beautiful woman named Coco and was completely in awe of her method and training style. This was how I was introduced to the Essence Of Belly Dance Teacher Training Certification in Berlin. I always wanted to do this but because it would take the whole summer I thought that I would never get the chance, but I did.

May 30th 2017 I left the USA with two suitcases and my cat Peepins.

I was finally going to be able to get to study with Coco and start my teacher training. It was such a wonderful experience. I met some really beautiful talented women and we all shared the same enthusiasm for dance. For 3 months we all trained hard and practiced a lot and in the end it was so worth it.

I ended up coming back to the USA full of excitement and ready to train more people in this wonderful style and method In September I completed my exam and received my certification.IMG_5996

All the hard work paid off and by far I am not done training nor teaching or performing..im just getting started.

2018 will be an adventure as well as I will be continuing my dance lessons monthly as well as traveling to study with Ashley Lopez, Zoe Jakes, And Rachel Brice in the first 6 months. Later on towards the end of the year I want to start my own Cabaret Night here in Madison. So Happy New Year and lets get this shimmy train going.

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